Samples and examples of code and coding from Eric Hepperle. This is code I wrote, as differentiated from code I quoted from somebody else.

Design Programming & Coding

CodeSlayer2010’s Code: jQuery Fancy Paragraph Styling (manila background, rounded-rectangle, drop-shadow, orange border)

I wrote this jQuery in about 5 minutes. It is really simple, but amazingly powerful at the same time. The purpose of this is to instantly style paragraph tags. Here are the style parameters: Background color: Manila (light beige-ish/yellow) Border color: Orange Drop-shadow: Yes Rounded-rectangle: Yes I want to make the code easily available to […]

Programming & Coding

PHP View Utilities Code Debugger – A Wrapper For print_r function

Greetings folks. If you’ve ever gotten tired of having to type: [sourcecode language=”php” htmlscript=”true”] echo "<pre>"; print_r($some_var); echo "</pre>"; [/sourcecode] you are going to love the little debugger class I built. This is a very simple, basic class which doesn’t use patterns or anything fancy.? Actually, it may indeed use patterns that I’m not familiar […]