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List of My Quora Posts on: Job Hunting, Employment, and IT Work

  1. What workflow do you recommend for UX redesign on an existing website? – Quora
  2. Is there a unique name for the ubiquitous collage of overlapping mobile devices and viewports representing responsive friendly sites? Is there an online service that will generate this graphic for free? (see my answer where I’ve pasted screens) – Quora
  3. How do you reference good work you completed but either weren’t paid for, or client chose a different direction and didn’t end up using your design in your portfolio? – Quora
  4. What tools are there for automatically combining and simplifying duplicate CSS rules? – Quora
  5. What should you put in the ‘your relationship’ field on a job application for someone who is a professional reference in a volunteer capacity? The person you reported to (without pay) wasn’t your manager, so what do you put as their role? – Quora
  6. What are before-after samples of resumes, you, as a professional resume writer, fixed, that was successful for the client? – Quora
  7. How to write an Upwork profile for a multi-talented freelancer? For instance, someone offering services as web developer, content writer, proofreader, and graphic designer? – Quora
  8. How long will it take me, after a client accepts my work on Upwork, to get paid? – Quora
  9. What are some common reasons that one software/web developer on a team might be significantly slower or less productive than the rest? – Quora
  10. What are some job titles in the US that require coding/programming, but focus mostly on soft skills? Of course Tech support and possibly business analyst is one, but what would be some others? – Quora
  11. What should I put on my resume if I’ve been fired from my most recent web dev contract for being ‘not a skills match’, though I had passed round after round of tech and social interviews that determined I was a skills match? – Quora
  12. What is a complete example of a good freelance web design contract scope section? There’s many free ‘templates’ online, but they all leave the scope section empty. – Quora
  13. I did work for (and delivered online to) someone who didn’t pay me. He was just the middle man. Should I give the actual client an opportunity to buy the work from me? If so, what is some good verbiage to use to handle this delicate matter? – Quora
  14. What is a ‘mistakes blog post’? When did they become prevalent? Do they actually teach the ‘mistakes blog post’ style in a class, online course, or tutorial somewhere? Google is almost fruitless on this. – Quora
  15. What is an appropriate way to share web design samples for resumes & tech interviews on assignments that ended badly though my work was great? E.G., on websites built, where work was done, but the client refused to pay, even though it met the specs. – Quora
  16. Which IT degree is more valuable: Information Technology, Information Systems, or Cyber Security? – Quora
  17. What are some good metrics to use to benchmark a client website before UX and SEO improvements? – Quora
  18. What type of report can I create for clients from a website SEO content audit? – Quora
  19. How can I merge the historical tracking data from Google Search Console into Google Analytics? Can I link the two? – Quora
  20. How can I get an accurate listing of places and dates I’ve lived in the past 10 years for an employment background check, given that credit reports don’t include dates? – Quora
  21. How can you make a SWOT analysis for a monopoly or government website that presumably has no competition? – Quora
  22. How can I write for a magazine I love without any experience? – Quora
  23. What are the best online courses on Udemy or Plurasight for learning Network Security and Cybersecurity? – Quora
  24. What are some viable ways for a young white man in the USA with IBS, Chrons’, or other chronic digestive disease that might make others in an office uncomfortable to make a living? – Quora
  25. I want to maximize my ability earn income and I have skills in web design, graphic design, document editing, and writing. What is the best advice for creating my Upwork profile statement about my specialty? – Quora
  26. What should I know about creating UX personas for gender-neutral or gender fluid people? – Quora
  27. What should I know about creating UX personas for transgender people? – Quora
  28. How easy is to get remote work as a telephone psychic? – Quora
  29. What is the best way to connect an HP LaserJet 5000 printer to a Windows 10 home edition laptop? – Quora
  30. How can I set up email alerts for project team members in the free version of Asana? – Quora
  31. I’ve got good SEO, good web developer content, Google Analytics and a responsive WordPress website: Why is nobody commenting on my blog? – Quora
  32. What is the best width to use when creating a desktop website wireframe? – Quora
  33. What skills are needed for an IT job at McDonalds? – Quora
  34. What is the best WordPress plugin for exporting a list of Categories and Tags? – Quora
  35. Is there a good WordPress plugin for automatically creating visual sitemap diagrams? – Quora

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