Bulk Rename Utility lets you transpose dates in file names using regular expressions. (Eric Hepperle, 2018)
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Regex Tutorial: Converting Dates in Filenames With Bulk Rename Utility (Perl PCRE)

Regular Expressions (Date Matching and Conversion) – Perl 5 and Bulk Rename Utility. I occasionally find myself modifying my digital photo naming convention, and subsequently end up having to rename a lot of photos (thousands!). The best program that I have found for renaming is called Bulk Rename Utility (BRU). BRU is lightweight, powerful, and […]

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WordPress Tutorial: Update Plugins, Themes, and WP Core

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to easily and quickly update plugins, themes, and WordPress core (what we mean when we say “install WordPress”). In the video I show you several ways to update plugins, themes, and one way to update core. Also, I show […]

WordPress Resume Word Cloud generated by Eric Hepperle in shape of triangle with coding and programming keywords, dark background.
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ATS Scannable Resume: Testing How Well Your Resume Matches a Job Description with Word Clouds

In today’s world, the job market is more competitive than ever. With online job boards, phone screens, and employers researching you on social media, it is easier than ever to be ruled out as a potential job candidate before you ever have a first interview. However, there are a few things you can do to […]

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WordPress Tutorial: How to Install, Configure, and Remove Plugins

This WordPress administration tutorial is for self-hosted WordPress websites and is intended to teach users how to install, configure, and remove WordPress plugins. Plugins are extra modules that you can add to your WordPress website to enhance functionality. WordPress core is an awesome framework for easily creating and maintaining your own website. But, core can […]

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Asimov On The Key To Living A Happy Life. Or Not

Originally published: 06/13/2010 The Key To Happiness I have come to the conclusion that sound reasoning tempered with experience, empathy for others, and respect for one’s body and soul guided by a rational world-view is the formula for living a healthy, happy, productive life. – Isaac Asimov I totally made this so-called Asimov quote up […]

Bishop Michael Curry, Getty Images via the1A.org (NPR)
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Bishop Michael Curry on Loving Radically and Reclaiming Jesus (NPR)

As we wait the final midterm election results today, let us reflect on Jesus’ message of not condemning your neighbors — not even the ones you intensely dislike? or hate — but instead, loving them, caring for them if it is in your power, and most of all, praying for their wellness and that Holy Spirit will guide their decisions with Love.

Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry talks about all this and more and how we can heal the Church and the World with the Power of Love?(and his book of the same name) and Reclaiming Jesus?on this A1 podcast from Troy Public Radio.