Songs to Learn on Guitar.

Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls JACK JOHNSON. Nothing makes a girl wetter than hearing “better together,” “flake”, or “bananna pancakes.” Also, Oasis (champagne supernova, wonderwall) and Jason Mraz – I’m yours. (this one is a MUST.. very easy 4 chord progression too, and kinda reggaeish. ) Somewhere In The Night Lyrics by Scott Bakula On […]


VirtualDub Articles and Stuff (2010.01.26)

Vdub – Prism nch software


Office 2007: Why Does Drawing Object Or Shape Disappear When Deleting Text near it?*3945.html You cannot put drawing objects into a text box,… These were the most helpful links I could find, but none quite exactly addressed my problem.? However, after an hour or so of tinkering I figured it out: SOLUTION:? Format the AutoShape as “In line with text” — then you can move cut text […]