How to Uninstall or Remove Windows Search 4

The following was found on   Click Start > Run > type in the Run dialogue box type C:WINDOWS$NtUninstallKB940157$spuninstspunist.exe This should uninstall that partitcular update. Also I think it is listed in Add/Remove programs. You may have to select “show updates”. The above process should remove Windows Search 4 NOTE: I tried uninstalling from […]

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Types of Malware:

(NOTE: The following is sourced from Description of Malware Adware Adware (or spyware) is a small program that is designed to show advertisements (in various form and degrees of intrusiveness) on your computer. It often reports personal information back to its owners. As a result your sense of privacy can be violated. Backdoor A […]


Vocabulary: droll

droll:  comical in an odd or whimsical manner. Example:  The Violator is the movie Spawn was a very droll, twisted demon. Etymology:  An interesting tidbit is that if Middle High German “trolle” (troll) is a valid origin for the word droll, and whereas one definition of trolle is “clown”, then no wonder so many people are afraid of […]